The wedding chuppah design process is a collaboration that reflects your personal colors and most significant symbols. In some ways I am like an architect designing your house. The wedding chuppah symbolizes the home you will build together -- open on all four sides, welcoming from every direction.

While I contribute my own artistic identity, I am committed to creating a wedding chuppah that is yours alone. This wedding chuppah design process encourages couples to focus on the most important part of the jewish wedding, the ceremony.

There is always a degree of give and take between couple and artist until the perfect design is captured, both in spirit and in line. An approved watercolor sketch of the final chuppah design marks the beginning of the actual painting on silk.

And while most wedding chuppahs that come out of the AWS are custom-created, there is a small selection of ready-made designs painted and sewn with the same care and elegance available for purchase.

I suggest sources to search for symbols that reflect your lives. Once you have an idea of those that are the most meaningful, the colors are chosen from swatches that you provide, and I begin to work on your weddding chuppah design.

At that point, I put color on silk as an example of the vibrancy and energy you can expect from the finished piece. I like to work with a photo of the couple I am designing for on my drawing board, as an inspiration.

Wedding Chuppah Design Process

Corinne Soikin Strauss

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